Analytical ®: Prove it!

Are you a fact-finder or a truth seeker? Maybe you are a bit skeptical and like to challenge people. If that is the case, then it is very possible that Analytical is one of your top 5 CliftonStrengths® talent themes.

Analytical pics.png

People with the Analytical talent like to think. Deeply and in detail. If you have Analytical in your top 5 you may find yourself getting lost in your thoughts. It may be difficult to keep up with a conversation if something that is said strikes you as interesting. You may start to analyze the facts, patterns, and data to determine whether or not a thing is true, or validated. You might want to ponder the implications if a thing is or is not true. You are a deep and investigative thinker, not afraid to get down in the weeds in the search for truth.

Talents that are active or, “noisy,” such as Communication®, Woo®, Command®, or Activator® may be difficult for you to handle if you are deep in analysis mode. 

For you “analyticals” reading this post, how does this talent show up in you? What do you like about your Analytical talent? How does it sometimes trip you up? 

Remember, we are dealing in generalities so not everything may apply all the time. More importantly, your talents do not exist independent of one another, they are always collaborating, for better or worse. Find a way to use your Analytical talent this week. Celebrate it and grow it. Pair it with another talent and be curious about the combination. For instance, what is “analytical empathy®” or “harmonious-analysis”? The more time you spend in your talent areas, the more productive you will be and the more joy you will find. Go ahead and fact check that.

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