Consistency®: Champion of Balance, Fairness, and Justice

While people with a high-ranking Consistency talent may have a preference for routines, the real heart of Consistency is the belief that everyone should be treated fairly. They root for and champion the underdog, sniff out injustice, and promote fairness for all regardless of one’s station in society. The president of the company does not get his own parking spot close to the front door. Nepotism is always wrong. Read more about this egalitarian talent theme in my latest blog post.

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While I like to prod my friends with Consistency in their top 5 that they are “flat-taxers,” I respect their commitment to justice and equality. People with a high-ranking Consistency talent not only promote fairness, they often defend against inequality. This is where routines and rules come into play. Routines and rules are to be applied to all people and they help ensure that everyone knows and follows the rules and routines. Predictability produces stability. So yes, people with strong consistency like routines, not because routines are good, but because they produce fairness and equality.

While Consistency can easily be seen as a moral value, it really is a pattern of thinking, feeling, and behaving. As a behavior, Consistency follows the rules so people cooperate and no one gets an unfair advantage. 

These are some traits common in people with Consistency in their top-5 CliftonStrengths®

  • Efficient
  • Meet deadlines
  • Speak out against special treatment or favoritism
  • Prefer a plan over a surprise – unless it is a planned surprise!
  • Strong team players who put the needs of the group above the needs of the individual
  • Able to identify imbalance and create balance in systems and on teams
  • Champion the underdog

Consistency is a way of thinking that produces justice, fairness, and equality. Consistency in a diverse world may mean that everyone receives a gift according to their uniqueness, but all the gifts cost the same amount.

So what..? Why might this matter? When my daughter with Consistency and son with Adaptability® learned that those talents meant they were designed to approach life in practically polar opposite ways they were able to communicate more effectively and understand each other’s behavior. That simple realization totally changed our home dynamic. The Pax Anderson began. Imagine how this type of personal design information can improve your family and team relations. I’d love to talk about how to make that a reality for you. Schedule a free 30-minute discovery call today. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment.

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