Developer®: Motivated to Motivate Others

Do you believe that everyone has potential? Do you love to cultivate growth in others in order to help them reach the potential that you know and believe they have? If so you may very well have Developer as one of your top 5 CliftonStrengths® talent themes. Developers tend to be encouraging mentors and champions for other people. You see the best in people and want them to be their best. Read on to learn about this growth cultivating, people building talent… 


Chances are good that you are a “people person,” though your interest in others is not that you want a friend, it’s that you want to take them to a better place. You are a helper and the “better place” you want to lead people is to a better version of themselves.

You are probably comfortable challenging people to grow. Developers are effusive cheerleaders who celebrate even the smallest, imperceptible growth in others! (As opposed to Deliberatives® who are typically sincere though selective with their compliments.) You are probably great at devising growth experiences and plans for people.

You know that everyone has potential and everyone is a work in progress. In fact, you may see nothing but potential and overlook gaps. You may also be blind to your own potential. Regardless, you are drawn to people by the potential that you see in them.

Here are some other words that are often qualities of Developers:

  • Encouraging
  • Caring
  • Patient
  • Perceptive
  • Supportive

Alas, while you know that everyone has potential to grow, not everyone wants to grow. For you, this can be particularly difficult. Embrace the adage, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” When someone does not want to grow, or want you to help with growth, respect that person enough to walk away. In the long run you are doing yourself, and that person a favor. 

This is encouraging… Developers are often great managers, supervisors, and team leads.

So, how are you going to grow your own Developer talent? I like to read, and one of my favorite leadership books is Help Them grow or Watch Them Go by Kaye and Guilioni. (I receive no remuneration for this recommendation.) Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments and help others grow as well!

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