Focus®: “Will it make the boat go faster?”

One of these people has Focus®. One does not.

Are you the type of person who can set a course and see it through, even making corrections along the way without getting thrown off course? Are you energized by goals and clear priorities and then impatient with distractions and set-backs? If so, there is a good chance that the CliftonStrengths® talent theme of Focus is among your top 5 talent themes. Focus® is about establishing priorities and taking action. You are guided daily by your goals. Without goals or a direction is likely frustrating and demoralizing. I love this talent, probably because it is so low in my list of 34 and I know I need it desperately! Read more about the rare and powerful Focus talent theme here… 

It seems that our world is designed to provide as much amusement as possible. In other words, there are innumerable distractions and still more every day. New apps, games, toys, snapchats, and TikToks are released by the millions every day! People with a high-ranking focus talent use their daily, monthly, and annual goals to filter out silly distractions. This allows them to live by, and fulfill their priorities. When life throws them a curveball they are able to adjust without missing a beat.

A Navy friend offered me this focusing question, “Will it make the boat go faster?” Navy SEALs are known for their focus and incredibly high success rate. As someone who struggles to focus, she suggested that I ask myself that question multiple times throughout the day. If the answer is, “No,” then don’t do it. Of course, it all starts with having a clear goal in mind. Ah, you know that already because you have Focus!

Your Focus® makes you a great team player. You help keep yourself and the team on task. Anything that is not moving the team forward is hurting the team. It is important to have very clear guidelines about what is and is not important. Along with that one needs the wisdom to balance competing priorities. At the end of the day, Focus® brings efficiency, improved quality, and increased performance.

Be advised that Focus® can intensify your other talents. That can make them harder to master and control or cause you to favor one talent over the others. In the end, that makes you less efficient. Focus can also make you susceptible to frustration, impatience, and even anger when you feel that your goal is being blocked.

Here are some words that may be used to describe a person with high-ranking Focus®:

  • Persistent
  • Present
  • Passionate
  • Single-minded
  • Intentional
  • Goal-Oriented

If only people and life could cooperate and let you achieve those goals unencumbered. As you move forward and seek to strengthen this talent consider ways to bring greater clarity to your personal goals. Ask your supervisor for more information regarding your work and company goals. Consider how you will handle the inevitable interruptions that people and circumstances bring.

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