Futuristic®: “You may say that I’m a dreamer…”

People with the CliftonStrengths® Futuristic® talent theme in their top-5 talent themes see a bright, positive future world full of possibilities. Furthermore, they are often able to communicate their vision in ways that inspire. This can make them a great asset when it comes to leading and sustaining change. They are natural visionaries who are fascinated by and love to reflect on what can be. For them, the future inspires anticipation and motivates them – and others – to bring those dreams to life. To learn more about this inspiring talent read on…

If you have Futuristic® in your top-5 there is a good chance you are inspired by, and love to think about, the amazing possibilities that await mankind in the future. For you, the future is so bright you really do have to wear shades! You may also use that vision to inspire and encourage others. Vision, creativity, and inspiration are just a few of the contributions you offer to people and teams.

Life at the 50,000-foot level affords a view of a distant future even though the present reality may be unpleasant and unclear. This can make it difficult to see a path to the future. You may also appear to others as being unrealistic or disconnected from the “real world.” Yet your world is real, just not yet! You see the details there. It is fascinating. While the path to your future may not be so clear, your vision of it is positive, inspiring, and cherished. 

Let’s face it, visionaries are inspiring. Yes, their lack of attention to detail can be a struggle at times, but visionaries are the ones who set bold goals and provide the impetus for progress. As a leader, having a Futuristic on your team is great. That person gets your vision and is probably happy to promote it and pursue it. 

Here are some other words that often describe people with high-ranking Futuristic:

  • Imaginative
  • Creative
  • Inspiring
  • Pioneer
  • Forward-Looking

Seek opportunities to clarify the future for yourself and for others. Talk, research, read, or brainstorm with others about all that your team, project, or community can be. Consider the goals that your clients, friends, and even your kids might have 5, 10, or 15 years into the future. 

Most importantly, invest in this amazing talent. It has been said that “without a vision, the people perish.” Spend time reflecting on your vision. How can you inspire and bring life to others? Who can come alongside you to help you fill in the gaps between the here-and-now and the bright future ahead?

How do you experience the Futuristic talent and what are you doing to strengthen this talent in you? I look forward to reading your comments.

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