Git’er Done: The Achiever Talent Theme

Welcome to the new year. If you are familiar with the Gallup StrengthsFinder®, now CliftonStrengths® assessment then you probably know that one of the best ways to find success is to focus on living out of your talent themes. It follows that spending time developing your talents into strengths will yield a successful year. I’d love to see that happen for you so each week I’ll post some information about a CliftonStrengths talent theme. I hope these are helpful to you.   

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ACHIEVER® :This is what I call a “get it done” talent. If you have the achiever talent in your top 5 there is an excellent chance that you are productive, you like being productive, and you even track your productivity just because it’s fun to see all that you accomplish. People exceptionally talented in the Achiever theme work hard, possess a great deal of stamina and actually need to get things done. They find immense satisfaction in being industrious, productive, and the experience of completing a task. So much so that they may take on too many tasks. While people with the Achiever talent can get results easily, problems can arise when boundaries are weak and they take on too many tasks.

What might this look like? I often ask people with Achiever whether or not they keep a physical or virtual daily to-do list. Then ask, “if you do something not on that list do you write it down just so you can cross it off?!” Most of the time they reply with an enthusiastic, “YES!” That’s because it feels so satisfying to them to accomplish something. It is super motivating.

What does Achiever look like in you? If Achiever is in your top 5 results please leave a comment about how you experience and see Achiever in you.

Remember: Your CliftonStrengths results are not a list of your top 5 strengths. You have a list of your top 5 talent themes. By investing in those talent themes they can become strengths. What is the difference? Think of a talent as something that you naturally love to do without thinking about it. A strength is something that you naturally love to do without thinking about it, but with near-perfect execution every time. How do you know? I encourage my clients to ask themselves: Do I control my talent or does my talent control me? If you control your talent then it is on the strength side of the scale. If your talent controls you then it is on the talent side of the scale, BUT it is an area where you will find great joy and fruit when you invest in it. It’s what you were designed to do! 

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