Input®: “Feed me, Seymour!”

How many browser windows and tabs do you have open right now? I love to ask that question when I am coaching people with the CliftonStrengths® talent theme of Input in their top 5. FYI, Input is my highest ranked talent and as I write this I have two open browser windows and a total of 21 tabs open. People with Input in their top 5 have voracious appetites for information whether it is immediately useful or not. They love to accumulate information, possessions, people, and/or experiences. Read more about how people with this talent add depth to teams and their lives in my latest blog post…

Input people tend to be collectors, collectors of physical or intellectual things: baseball cards, facts, travel passport stamps, college degrees, coins, butterflies, trivia, and so on. To collect these various things and experiences energizes us and fills us with joy. Variety is the spice of life and Input people like life spicy. Our interests are varied, and in the information age the possibilities and resources are virtually infinite.

I hate to say it, but it is easy to go from collector to hoarder. Why? Because, “these things might not be useful now, but they might be useful someday.’ Further more, you like them and they are important to you. Also, while others may be more in touch with their emotions, you are probably a little less self-aware and less inclined to trust your gut since you prefer external proofs. For that matter, you probably are a bit skeptical until you see enough convincing data.

On teams, people with high Input provide diverse perspectives and depth of knowledge. They love to teach and share insights. Typically, they are intellectually agile as they are curious about so many things. Their need for information may seem to communicate distrust or be annoying. Usually, they just want more information because it helps them perform better, so try not to take it personally.

Here are some other words that may describe a person with his ranking Input:






Life in the Information Age is a double edged sword for those of us with high Input. There is simply no way we can get enough information about something. It is great to have access to so much information. On the other hand, all that information can lead to analysis paralysis or a lack of focus and productivity.

So, what are you doing to develop your Input talent? What skills, knowledge, or opportunities to use your talent can you find this week? I hope you leave a comment as I enjoy hearing how this talent shows up in people. Plus, I just like collecting information. 🙂

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