CliftonStrengths® and the Skeptics Part 5: The Rest of Your Talents

There is a reason I like to refer to CoreClarity® as “CliftonStrengths on steroids:” by looking at the
different ways the talents influence each other and combine to create a whole new style type, a person
can learn so much more about their talents! The interplay of the talents can be so strong that some
talents actually overwhelm the other. Other times two talents may be so similar that they seem almost
indistinguishable. If you neglect to consider the way your talents work with, and sometimes against each
other, you are missing out on volumes of information!

As we have been seeing over these past weeks, most of the causes for skepticism around your
CliftonStrengths results are based on feelings, not facts. The scientific reliability of the CliftonStrengths
assessment is very solid. Therefore, there is very little room for skepticism. Rather, most of our skepticism
is rooted in a “hunch,” or a feeling that the results just don’t seem right. I believe that the 4 main reasons
are Ignorance, Lack of Use, Culture, and lastly, the rest of your talents.

I have coached many people who were focusing primarily on only 1, 2, or 3 of their top talents. Whether
because of their culture, opportunity, or training in skills that aligned with those talents they neglected their
other top talents. Sometimes, a talent might be so much “fun” the other talents languish.

In my case, Input® is 1st and top-ranked talent while Strategic® is my 5th. I love to research things. I
collect information the way some people collect coins. I actually used to collect coins. That’s what Input
people do, they collect stuff. When I get into research mode, I can open up 15 browser tabs before you
can say, “Bob’s your uncle.”

Unfortunately, I get into research mode when my time is better off doing strategic work, not looking for
Triumph Spitfires on eBay. I almost bought a TR7 last week!

I actually teach strategic planning, and coach people about different techniques for focus and productivity.
But many times, my Input kicks into overdrive, aided by my 2nd talent, Connectedness®. One research
idea leads to another and before I know it, I have 3 browser windows each with 10 tabs and each focused
on different, yet tangential concepts.

As I write this, I have my main browser window open with 13 tabs open. Another browser window has 6
tabs open related to my Mental Fitness coaching, and I just shut down a 3rd window that at one point had
10 open tabs.

I coach my clients as I coach myself: set a specific measurable goal that allows you to grow your talents
so that you control your talents and they don’t control you. And like my clients, I too am a work in

Many times, people feel that their CliftonStrengths assessment results are incorrect because they are
using one or two talents to the detriment of the others. Whether that is because those talents are so much
fun, or that person is hijacked and just reacting rather than responding, the other talents are not being
used and therefore not being seen.

If you are skeptical of your CliftonStrengths results, I highly suggest that you investigate CoreClarity.
Experience for yourself the power of CliftonStrengths on steroids. Set up a free coaching call with me or
go to the CoreClarity website. There you will find coaches around the world who will open up a whole new
dimension of the strengths-universe.

I hope that you enjoyed this series. Whether or not you call me, do yourself a favor and go back to your
CliftonStrengths results. Invest in those talents and build them into strengths. Really give those talents a
chance to prove themselves before your inner skeptic shuts down what could otherwise be a pursuit of
joy and success. And then, come back and let me know how it went.

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graphic elements copyright © CoreClarity, Inc.

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