CliftonStrengths® and Work: So What?

So everything! As we continue to navigate the “great resignation,” I think a few things are as informative as knowing at least your top 5 CliftonStrengths talent themes and understanding them through the powerful lens of CoreClarity®. I coach many people who are unfulfilled and fed up at their workplace. They wonder what other jobs they can do that are more fulfilling, or whether or not a certain job is a good fit for them. Invariably, as we dig deep into their CliftonStrengths talent themes I hear again and again, “I wish I knew this when I was in college,” or “I wish I knew this 10, 20, or more years ago”!

If you are unfulfilled at work or considering a career change, Put your CliftonStrengths in the mix and consider what you are designed to do. If you have not taken the CliftonStrengths assessment, then by all means do so.

One of my favorite questions to ask people is, “Why are Ferrari’s fast”? 

Because they are designed that way! 

Do Ferrari’s do well off-road? No! They are terrible! It would be insane to go off-roading in a Ferrari. Why? Because they aren’t designed to go off-road.

The first thing I recommend is that you figure out whether or not you are a “Ferrari.” Find out what you are designed to do and then do more of that! I know of no other assessment that is as effective as CliftonStrengths at helping people understand their design. The research on this is absolutely overwhelming. When people know and align their work and leisure activities to their CliftonStrengths they are happier, healthier, more productive, and generally speaking more successful. If you don’t know what you are designed to do or are unfulfilled at work, there is a good chance you are taking your Ferrari off-road and it is not going well.

Once you know your top 5 CliftonStrengths talents call me and begin the process of understanding your talents, and more importantly how they influence one another. I discussed that in my previous blog post. Our talents do not exist independently, they influence one another in powerful ways. This is the power of CoreClarity. CoreClarity specifically considers the interaction of talents and creates a whole new personality profile or identity. It really is CliftonStrengths on steroids!

Whether or not you love your job or are about to join the Great Resignation, consider your top 5 Talents. Read your report from Gallup and ask yourself how you are experiencing or not experiencing your talents at work. Ask your friends how they see those talents showing up in you. Talk with your supervisor and teammates about ways you can do work that is more aligned to your talents and spend less time going “off-road.”

Make a list of activities and jobs that you love to do. They energize you and you feel like you are doing exactly what you are meant to do. Then, get very specific about what is happening at that time and what you enjoy so much. How are your talents involved? 

You might love being in sales and be great at it. Dig deeper, what is it that is really going on? What do you like about it? For some, it may be the thrill of closing the deal, possibly because you have Strategic, Competition, or Achiever in your top 5. Maybe you enjoy that you helped someone solve a problem by getting them the resources they need because you have Developer, Harmony, Empathy, or Restorative in your top 5. There are a lot of reasons your talents can lead to a lot of joy in sales.

On the other hand, you might hate sales! Sure, you make good money but it is unfulfilling. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t seem important. Maybe you feel manipulative, or you find people exhausting. Talents such as Significance, Belief, Analytical, Intellection, Empathy, Command can contribute to that scenario.

As you consider a career change, or even tweaking your work responsibilities, be mindful of the way you experience your talents and the way they influence your behavior. Any manager or supervisor worth their salt will pay close attention to better understanding the design of their team members and align tasks and roles accordingly.

Next week we’ll take a deeper dive into how to use and grow your talents at work.

**I receive no remuneration for endorsing CliftonStrengths or CoreClarity. I just really like their products. I am a certified CoreClarity Coach and facilitator. Feel free to set up a free 30-minute coaching call. I am happy to be of service.

“CliftonStrengths” and the 34 CliftonStrengths theme names are registered trademarks of Gallup, Inc. The graphic elements copyright © CoreClarity, Inc.

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